Safeway makes generous donation to Prince Albert Food Bank

Michael Oleksyn/Daily Herald (L to R) Martha Reimer and Wes Erlandson of Safeway present more than $13,700 worth of gift cards to Laura Uvery and Kim Scruby of the Prince Albert Food Bank on May 19.

The Prince Albert Safeway donated more than $13,700 in gift cards to the Prince Albert Food Bank on May 19 following a successful fundraising project.

Safeway’s Wes Erlandson said the cashiers have done fundraising throughout the years for different causes, and the food bank is one of the big ones.

“We do different initiatives where we ask customers to donate two dollars and in addition we have the coin boxes where the leftover change is left,” Erlandson explained. “When you put all of that together for the Food Bank last year our customers generously donated $13,700 and some dollars and pennies, so thanks to a generous Prince Albert and what a great cause to support.”

Food Bank executive director Kim Scruby welcomed the donation, particularly since it came in the form of gift cards.

“This is great for us, especially at this time of year,” Scruby said. “Our shelves are getting pretty empty right now. We get a lot of support from Safeway throughout the year, but this is the big one.”

Scruby said it’s always important for food banks to keep their shelves stocked, but that’s especially true given the recent increase in food costs across the country.

“We are actually seeing a lot of new people that have never been to a food bank before come in,” he said.

Erlandson said they plan to keep fundraising for the Food Bank for years to come.

“It is a culture set in our store now and that will just continue,” he explained.

The final total donated was $13,371.