Born to play the part

The cast of Odyssey Productions’ Baba and Gido’s 50th Wedding Anniversary rehearses at the Margo Fournier Centre on Nov 15. © Josef Jacobson/Daily Herald

Real-life married couple cast as fictitious pair in upcoming dinner theatre show

To kick off Odyssey Productions’ 25th season, theatre company president Kim Morrall is bringing to the stage the Saskatchewan play Baba and Gido’s 50th Wedding Anniversary — and she found the perfect people to play the part.

“My Baba and Gido are a real-life married couple who have been married 48 years,” Morrall said.

“I really lucked out with them because they’re just the cutest couple and they’re really married, so how good is that?”

“They both showed up at my auditions … and thank goodness because in the scenes you have to have people who look like they could have been married for 50 years and sometimes it’s a little hard to find people that look like that.”

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