Slow but steady

Community Alcohol Strategy steering committee member Karen Anthony-Burns displays a photo of her deceased son Daniel. Anthony-Burns said changing Prince Albert’s culture of drinking will take time, but there has been progress. © Herald photo by Jason Kerr.

Fighting alcoholism and the problems that come with it won’t be quick or easy, but two members of the Community Alcohol Strategy (CAS) steering committee in Prince Albert say progress is being made.

The committee officially released their strategy earlier this year, and although it has been a gradual process, things are starting to change.

“It’s slow, but when you think of tobacco and smoking, how many years did it take for (society) to change?” steering committee member Karen Anthony-Burns said. “Now when you go out it’s very uncommon to see people leave to go and smoke, so maybe this is going to take a while to do that because it’s so prevalent.”

The report outlined several calls to action local residents could take to help educate the public about the consequences of alcohol consumption.

Anthony-Burns said the committee has encouraged people to use their own circle of influence through things like social media and by creating local partnerships.

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