Taser comes out during incident near police station

Police pulled out a Taser while subduing a teenage suspect, after responding to a disturbance within shouting distance of their headquarters.

It was just after 10 p.m. on Monday when officers heard male voices yelling in a parking lot just outside their 15 Street station. They went to investigate and spotted three men. One ran toward them, saying “he has a knife.”

When officers approached closer, one of the men fled on foot. Police gave chase. According to a police press release, the officers saw the man toss something away, something they believed to be a knife.

Officers caught the man and were placing him in handcuffs when another man started advancing toward them. Police say he ignored commands to stop and get on the ground. At that point, police withdrew a Taser, though they did not use it upon the man. He eventually complied and was taken into custody.

Police brought in Police Service Dog Daxa and her handler, Constable Bighetty, to track down the weapon the suspect had supposedly discarded. They found a black handgun-style BB gun.

Police located a black hand gun style BB Gun, which was confirmed to be the object that was thrown by the suspect.

The men, aged 17 and 14, are facing multiple charges, including assault and resist arrest.