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Still going strong

Still going strong
Bishop Albert Thevenot poses with his Still Going Strong seniors award on March 2, 2017 at Plaza 88. (Peter Lozinski/Daily Herald)

Bishop Albert Thevenot given annual seniors award on March 2 for work in the community

Bishop Albert Thevenot thought he was at Plaza 88 Thursday just to give a speech about aging gracefully.

But John Fryters and the rest of the representatives of the Prince Albert Seniors Advocacy Centre had other plans.

Thevenot was the guest of honour, and recipient of the third annual 70+ and Still Going Strong Award.

“Life experiences have brought Bishop Thevenot a pronounced vision to not only develop his own abilities, but also to encourage others to cultivate their own time, talents and gift,” Fryters said when introducing the award.

“The Prince Albert Seniors Advocacy Centre presents the (award) to Bishop Albert Thevenot For his dedication to community service in Prince Albert – in particular in Metis and First nations Communities; for his gigantic missionary heart; and for providing spiritual guidance and true pastoral care to many of the faith and many not of the faith in Prince Albert.”

Thevenot also received an Award of Merit from Mayor Greg Dionne, the highest citizen award the city gives out.

He joins previous winners Isabelle Impey and Rod Thomson as the only winners of the award.

During the ceremony, Dionne also announced the formation of a wall of fame for seniors at City Hall.

For more on this story, please see the March 3 edition of the Daily Herald.