SSFA, Cooke to host first annual Putt Luck Cup

Herald File Photo. The 18th green at Cooke Municipal Golf Course.

For the first time ever, the Putt Luck Cup will hit the fairways at Cooke Municipal Golf Course.

The Putt Luck Cup is a two day event hosted by the Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association (SSFA) in collaboration with Cooke Municipal Golf Course. The event is open to any golfer aged 20 or over and participants will play 11 hole rounds of golf at Cooke Municipal on Saturday, May 25 and Sunday, May 26.

SSFA Lakeland President Barry Brezden says the idea of the event originated after the 2022 SSFA Games but evolved to include Cooke just recently.

“When we had the closing ceremonies, I sat at a table having lunch at those ceremonies with three or four golfers from La Ronge. The weather was a bit wet and cold and they said the golf was fine, but that 18 hole rounds were too long. I said to myself “wait a minute what would happen if I could get a nine hole golf round?”. In early March, Arlene Segin phoned me because she wanted to enter the SSFA games in North Battleford as a golfer. She introduced me to the 11 hole round at Cooke and that’s where it morphed to.”

Although the name of the organization is the Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association, Brezden says the name can be misleading and that the SSFA is trying to bring people of all ages out to all of their events, including the Putt Luck Cup.

“We do a lot more than just fitness and what we’re trying to do is to get the younger generation or the younger crowd involved anywhere. To join our club, it’s actually 18. We want to have it open, we want to have it for men and ladies. We want to have 50 men and 50 ladies and we want to have anyone from 20 to 90 or 100, however old you want to be.”

The Putt Luck Cup will hand out a champions trophy to the top Male and top Female golfer at the event.

Brezden says the event is looking to cater to golfers of all abilities and the main draw of the weekend will be the friendly atmosphere the SSFA is looking to create.

“We’re looking to have a not serious golf tournament. We call it Putt Luck because it’s following the lead of potluck. We want to do the same thing. We want to bring all kinds of characters and personalities together. We want the 20-year-olds, the 30-year-olds, the 50-year-olds. We’re also going to have a luncheon and a social gathering there. So the golfers that are all there can actually intermingle and talk to each other and have a drink or two.”

Registration for the Putt Luck Cup is open until May 17. In order to register, you can email Dale Lawrence at or call Barry at 306-941-1825. The cost for the event is $100.