Seniors remain active through volunteering in Prince Albert

Daily Herald File Photo. Hughie Read flips pancakes at the Legion’s Pancake Breakfast for the Prince Albert Winter Festival.

Seniors in the community can be great volunteers for local organizations.

The Prince Albert Legion branch has many senior volunteers including Hughie Read.

The 72-year-old Read has been a Legion member for 15 years and is also a member and volunteer for the ANAVETs.

“Once in a while I do, I’m a member at the Army and Navy, I do a little bit there,” Read said.

“I kind of like doing it there (The Legion),” he added.

Read said that he is not really a volunteer for other organizations but he is still active through working.

“I don’t do a whole lot of volunteering, but I do other things like I work a little bit and that.

But other than that I give them a bit of my time,” he said.

Read volunteers his time in the kitchen and worked at the recent Legion Pancake Breakfast for the Prince Albert Winter Festival.

“And then I get the I go and get groceries every Wednesday for them, like  if they need pop or they need chips or stuff like that. I do that and then I help in the kitchen,” Read said.

Read explained that he also helps out with fish fry in the summer and works every Canada Day.

Read said that doing things like volunteering does not necessarily keep him young.

“I just like to do it,” Read said.

Read said that the Legion is always looking for members and volunteers.

” I have a few friends that just became members and they said, ‘well if you guys need any help, just give me a call.’ I said I would,” Read said.