No Reservations! Comedy showcase coming to Rock Trout

Submitted Photo Dakota Ray Hebert, one of the performers from No Reservations! Performs at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal in July, 2023.

No Reservations! An Uncensored Comedy Showcase Tour featuring Saskatchewan Indigenous Comedians is coming to the Rock Trout on Thursday.

Before the comedians head to California thanks to the support of SK Arts, they are performing a series of shows in Saskatchewan.
The evening is hosted by Dakota Ray Hebert of English River First Nation who has appeared on Just For Laughs, Comedy Night with Rick Mercer, New Wave of Standup and the CTV series Shelved.

“No Reservations! is an uncensored comedy showcase tour, and we are showcasing Saskatchewan’s Indigenous comedians. Thanks to SK Arts, we were able to acquire yet another grant that will help us gain more experience and exposure,” Hebert wrote in an email to the Daily Herald.

“We did our first showcase tour this past June where we performed in Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto, and Ottawa. This time, we’re heading to Palm Springs and Hollywood, and have finally added a Prince Albert performance,” she added.

Herbert wrote that they are excited to bring the tour to Prince Albert, as well as the trip to America. She said that people can expect to laugh out loud at the show.

“With a showcase like this, there is a variety of comedy styles, which means there’s going to be fun for everyone,” she said. “This is a 19 plus show though, so also expect adult material; it is uncensored after all.”

The show features the talents of Afrin Sarca of Muskoday First Nation, Annie Brass of Kawacatoose First Nation, Cheyenna Sapp of Little Pine First Nation, Danny Knight of Muskoday First Nation, Derek Yee of the Metis Nation, Drea Omer of Beardy’s & Okemasis First Nation, Ryan Moccasin of Saulteaux First Nation and Shawn Cuthand of Little Pine First Nation.

“I am not 100 per cent certain on this, but I feel very confident that Saskatchewan boasts the highest amount of Indigenous comedians,” Herbert wrote. “We’ve all worked with one another many times, and are very keen on supporting each other. The majority of us are based in Saskatoon, Annie (Brass) is in Regina however we come from a variety of Nations, which makes for some good comedy.”

They have appeared across numerous platforms including APTN’s The Feather News, which featured Mocassin, Cuthand, Sapp and Knight. Sapp was also in the CTV series Acting Good. Brass was also named one of the CBC’s Top 100 Comics to Watch in 2019.

Several comedians have been featured on Just for Laughs as well.

Thanks to SK Arts, they are heading down to California for a series of performances.

“We’re going to perform and sharpen up our sets at Prince Albert, Saskatoon, and Regina, and then we head to Los Angeles on Monday. We have a performance Wednesday the 10th in Palm Springs, and Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th in Hollywood,” Hebert wrote.

She encouraged everyone to come out to the show in Prince Albert.

“We appreciate all the support and audience members who have come out to our shows over the years. I’d like to encourage everyone to support the local comedy scene, as well as anyone interested in trying standup comedy; come on out! We’d love to meet you,” Hebert wrote.

The No Reservations! An Uncensored Comedy Showcase Tour will be held Thursday, Jan. 4 at Rock Trout Events on Central Ave. Doors open at 7 p.m. with the show starting at 8 p.m.