Melfort Museum to host Coffee and Conversation on Melfort Airport

Melfort Museum photo An archival photo of the Melfort Airport, which will be the topic of Coffee and Conversation at the Melfort Museum on Wednesday, Feb, 8.

The Melfort and District Museum is bringing back Coffee and Conversation, this time to celebrate the history of the Melfort Airport.

The event is at the Melfort and District Museum on Wednesday, Feb. 8 from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. The event has free admission and is open to the public.

Curator Gailmarie Anderson said that hosting Coffee and Conversation on Archives Week is a tradition for the museum.

“We had we had had a coffee conversation about the airport years ago, and there have been so many changes over the years,” Anderson said.

“One of our board members, Doug Chisholm, is a pilot and has a hangar out at the airport, and he keeps talking about the changes and about the history and people wanting to know about it.”

Anderson said they have a treasure trove of resource people such as Walter Dupin and they will also be displaying historical photos. They will also have a timeline about the Airport, which is also known as Miller Field.

“We’re hoping that the public will come,” she said. “There always seems to be a good interest about airplanes and about the airport.”

Anderson said that they are hoping for a good crowd on Feb. 8. As the coffee and conversation events have become quite popular.

“People like coming and talking to other people about history, depending on what it is,” Anderson said.

“Anybody who has any interest in the airport or even in the history of Melfort or whatever, I think they would like to get together again and talk about it,” she said.

Anderson said that the public is welcome for coffee, refreshments and great conversation.

For more information contact the museum a 306-752-5870.