Made by hand from the heart

Local artist and author Leah Marie Dorion reads from her newest book, 'Métis Christmas Mittens' at the Gabriel Dumont Institute on Saturday. (Josef Jacobson/Daily Herald)

P.A. author and artist discusses role of mittens in Métis culture

In her latest book, local artist and author Leah Marie Dorion examines traditional Métis mitten-making and encourages others to participate in that tradition as well.

Dorion introduced the book, Métis Christmas Mittens, to readers at a book launch at the Gabriel Dumont Institute on Saturday. The event was held in conjunction with a mitten-making workshop, with participants using the book as a guide. Dorion said the story almost “wrote itself.”

Christmas Mittens is a book that I have written to help young kids think about making things by hand and using your imagination because often it’s so easy to go to a store buy something pre-made … but when something’s made from the heart and by hand for you with love there’s something special about it,” Dorion said to her audience before reading through the book.

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