MacDowall community members come up with unique fundraiser idea

The “Dunk the Junk” car is stripped from the inside and under the hood and has chains welded to it so it can be pulled from the slough once it goes under (Submitted photo)

Like many community organizations, MacDowall and District Recreation Foundation was struggling with added bills and no income coming in due to the pandemic. 

Foundation member Quincy Kokoski said they usually hold fundraisers throughout the year and rent out their community hall for events such as weddings. 

“There’s no income coming into the hall but the power bill still needs to be paid and taxes and all that stuff,” Kokoski said. “The bills keep coming in.”

The foundation had some money saved up to repair the roof but had to use that cash to pay off bills and taxes.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic preventing people from gathering, the foundation needed to get creative to make money. 

That idea is a stripped down car standing on ice over 4 feet of water. Once tickets go on sale, people will be able to pick a time when they think the car will fall through the ice. 

Tickets go on sale on Feb. 1 and the time slots available run from Feb. 15 to May 15. 15-minute increments are available for a donation of $5. 

“We have a camera out there watching the car so when it goes through the ice we’ll have a specific time and then that person will win 50 per cent of what we’ve collected,” Kokoski explained. 

The fundraiser is called “Dunk the Junk”. Tickets can be purchased by calling 306-314-7167. E-transfer is accepted, and cash can also be dropped off at the MacDowall post office or at Esquire II Stylists in Prince Albert.

The car has a white stripe painted around its body. Once that stripe hits the ice and water level, it will be considered dunked.