Nipawin author publishes second book

Doreen Bleich's book follows a writer who falls in love with a farmer and cowboy in Saskatchewan. (Submitted photo)

An author from Nipawin has self-published her second book, a story she says many Saskatchewan residents will be able to relate to. 

Doreen Bleich penned the book which is titled 

“It’s a significant email address for the main character in the book and of course that plays a significant role in her life actually. It changes her whole life,” Bleich said.

The book is about a woman, Anna, who has a secure job and “is pretty much content” with the way her life is. She has one goal, though. To quit her job and become a freelance writer. Anna interviews a Saskatchewan farmer and cowboy for an assignment. The interview results in a big change in Anna’s life and follows her through a journey of love and dealing with the past. 

Bleich, who is also a playwright,  said the book took her many years to write. It was originally intended to be short story but kept growing, Bleich said. 

“It would sit on the back burner there for months and months and months and then something would get me thinking about where the story needed to go next,” Bleich explained. 

Once COVID hit, Bleich’s business and extracurricular activities were put on pause. It was then that she started ramping up the process of finishing the book. 

From the time the pandemic started in Saskatchewan until the end of 2020, Bleich has rewritten the book a couple of times and had it edited three times. 

“I compare it to giving birth to an elephant because the gestation period is about the same length of time,” Bleich jokes. 

Bleich has also published another novel, a book of short stories along with two cookbooks. She started writing when her kids were in high school 30 years ago. She saw an advertisement for the Tisdale’s Writers Group and was speaking to a customer at the bank she used to work at.

The customer told Bleich about the group and encouraged her to join. 

“He convinced me to go and that’s kind of where it all started. Then I really started taking it a little more seriously and learning how to do it,” she said. 

Bleich also took online classes to perfect her craft.

“I’m very proud of this book. I really think it’s a good book and for people who enjoy reading, it’s great.”

The book is set in Saskatchewan so Bleich explained that residents who read the book will be able to relate to many situations. 

For example, the main character falls in love with a farmer who is also involved in rodeo. 

“Those are the kind of things that prairie people can relate to mostly,” Bleich said. 

The book is available for purchase in Nipawin at Art on Main. Those interested in the book can also email Bleich for a copy at