Fire Prevention Week kicks off with Open House

Michael Oleksyn/Daily Herald Prince Albert Fire Chief Kris Olsen worked the grill at the Prince Albert Fire Department's Open House on Saturday.

To kick off Fire Prevention Week, which runs Oct. 8 to 14 the Prince Albert Fire Department hosted an Open House at the Fire Hall on 15th Street on Saturday.

The afternoon included many activities and a chance to meet local firefighters. Battalion Chief Jay Zablocki of the Prince Albert Fire Department said they were happy with the turnout.

“It’s been a great day today,” he said. “We have had lots of people through. The Chief’s flipping burgers. He’s doing amazing job with that. Get him out of the office and cooking burgers, that’s been great.”

The theme for National Fire Prevention Week in Canada is Cooking Safety, which Zablocki explained was a common problem the department deals with.

“We’re looking at the cooking fire side of things and the safety in the kitchen, which is always an issue,” he explained. “Cooking fires can stem from anything from grease to towels and things like that left around stoves. That’s a very common issue and that’s a common response for us to go to those types of calls.”

Zablocki said Fire Prevention Week is just another way that the department can create awareness.

“We’re always in the community (creating) awareness,” he said. “It’s big part of our job, right. I know we’ve run some articles in the papers and things like that and social media. It’s a national campaign that comes around every October, so we follow up and jump on that and trying to keep the community safe.”

There were several activities at the hall and the weather cooperated for the event.

“It’s such a beautiful day, you can’t beat it Thanksgiving weekend,” Zablocki said. “Open House at the hall, doors are wide open, people were coming and going and going around visiting, checking out trucks and the new equipment that we have. We’re always evolving on the equipment side.”

Along with the hamburgers, hot dogs and truck tours, visitors also got a look inside the hall.

“We have guided tours through the hall the staff are on board taking everybody through and making the day a great event,” Zablocki said.

He explained that the call numbers for the department seem to be rising, which makes the week even more important.

“As everything goes with the department, the call volume keeps going, there is always more every year and it just keeps evolving,” Zablocki said.