Farmstand in Strasbourg laundry

Jennifer Argue/Local Journalism Initiative Reporter/Last Mountain Times. Strabourg Laundromat Farmstand - run using the honour system.

Jennifer Argue, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Last Mountain Times

Hidden in the back of a little laundromat on Mountain Street in Strasbourg, you will find a little surprise – a tiny farmstand. Cheryl and Terry Deck got the idea after seeing uncrewed sale stands on the roadsides in BC selling the local produce and decided to try it out. “People would have a little stand on the corner of the road, and they would be selling produce that they grew or made on their property, and we thought, what a cool little idea.”

They liked that people were utilizing what they had and that in the current market, with the rising costs of groceries, they thought they could fill a need.

The Decks have been running the laundromat with their son Brady Vogt since 2021 and added the farmstand this summer. 

The corner has a little fridge and table with the employee of the month – a photo of a hen named Henrietta on the wall. The Decks sell eggs by the dozen, baking and what they grow in their garden. On this particular day, there were fresh eggs, green onions, apple crisps, aloe vera plants, and chocolate chip cookies made with their fresh eggs.

A cash box hangs on the wall, and payment is on the honour system. “It’s taken the community a little bit to get used to (the honour system) but I think pretty much everybody understands it now.” Some items are priced, others don’t have a set price.

The Decks are creative and always try new ideas with their businesses. They have experience in zip lines, bed and breakfasts, car washes, and storage. “I had started a lot of garden produce in house early as a “test project.” so that has helped with the learning process.” Cheryl said the response has been really good, “More people can come into the building, it’s not just a laundromat anymore.”

“We have considered it being a possible ‘farmers product consignment area,’ down the road but wanted to start out with our own product initially to gauge interest levels…[You] never know what the future brings to Strasbourg.”