Local sports podcast to donate $2,200 to Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation

Photo submitted by Jordan Carriere (L to R): Jordan Carriere, Armand Schellenberg and Zach Strong of the 306 Fantasy Football Podcast have donated $2200 to the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation

A podcast with ties to the Prince Albert area is giving back to the greater Saskatchewan community.

The 306 Fantasy Football Podcast is donating $2,200 dollars to the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.

The 306 Fantasy Football Podcast consists of a trio of hosts in Jordan Carriere, Zach Strong and Armand Schellenberg with occasional segments from Lucas Wells.

In 2021, the 306 Fantasy Football Podcast donated $2,000 to KidSport to help more kids participate in sports. Carriere says the reason the group chose the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation was because of the role the hospital has played in their personal lives. Both Carriere and Schellenberg have had a child of theirs stay in the hospital.

“Jim Patterson Children’s Hospital is located in Saskatoon but helps people from a greater area of Saskatchewan. That seemed like something that we wanted to help out with, we wanted to be able to help the families out,” Carriere explains. “They were going through a tough time with their little ones and then as the season of fantasy football was ending, that’s when we started needing to utilize the services as well too. It was a full circle effect where we wanted to support those families, but then we end up becoming those families that needed the support as well too.”

Carriere, who also serves as an assistant coach for the Prince Albert Predators and a Western Hockey League linesman says the majority of the funds raised were collected through the podcast’s charity fantasy football league from last NFL season.

“We do several different fundraisers throughout the year. Our main one would be like our charity football league that we do. It runs the same as a fantasy football league. All the money that is accumulated through that through all the participants, that money gets donated.”

The 306 Fantasy Football Podcast also hosted a Super Bowl watch party at the Rock Trout Café in February where they hosted a raffle for items that were donated by several local businesses including Fresh Air Experience and Source for Sports.

For those unfamiliar with the podcast, Carriere says the podcast is a discussion about fantasy football in a casual light.

“More people might be more familiar with fantasy hockey or maybe fantasy baseball. This podcast revolves around fantasy football. And during the fantasy season, we draw up an episode every week. We talk about the upcoming week and try to get everybody a little bit better and make the right decision so they can win their weeks. We keep it light. We keep it fun in the off season. We do game shows and stuff like that to keep it fun in areas that are between the seasons.”

The 306 Fantasy Football podcast has their eyes set on making more money for charity this upcoming season. Carriere says the group is raising funds for the Ronald McDonald House this season.

“We’re just firing up for this upcoming season here. All our donations are going to be going towards Ronald McDonald House. Our first donation was $2,000. This was $2200, we’re hoping to hit at least $2500. We’re going to try and set the lofty goal of $3000. I know that seems pretty high, but if there’s people out there that are reading this that want to help contribute money to Saskatchewan help contribute money to those families in need at the Ronald McDonald House and then reach out to us on the podcast. We have our own major social media platforms; we can reach out to and make donations in whatever fashion as well. It’s just a bunch of people from Saskatchewan hoping to help other people from Saskatchewan.”

The 306 Fantasy Football Podcast is available on all major podcast streaming platforms.