Prince Albert Music Festival to celebrate with second Gala Concert

Daily Herald File Photo Big Noise Youth Choir was one of the performers at the Prince Albert Music Festival 75th Anniversary Gala Concert at the EA Rawlinson Centre.

The 76th Annual Prince Albert Music Festival is concluding in style on Tuesday, April 30 with the second ever Gala Concert.

Prince Albert Music Festival coordinator Jesse Campbell explained their first Gala Concert—held in recognition of the festival’s 75th anniversary—was a success and that inspired them to try again.

“We did a gala concert at the Rawlinson Centre, so (it’s) more of a fancy night out, and we had our adjudicators choose their top performances,” Campbell explained. “Those (perfomers) made-up the program for the gala concert, and it went over so well. It was so positive for our local youth that we decided to do it again.”

Campbell said the Gala Concert is a great way to conclude the Festival, which took place between Feb. 26 and March 16.

“It’s something that people can not only look forward to, but that our young musicians can work towards,” she explained. “It’s definitely a good way to celebrate the year and wrap up the music festival season.”

In addition to ending the festival on a high note, Campbell said it’s a great opportunity for the community to hear some incredible local musicians and singers.

“We have some fantastic young people who are working hard in their respective musical areas,” Campbell said. “It’s nice to show people what our homegrown talent is, so that’s why we encourage everyone to come out and see what’s going on in the arts.”

Campbell said students will perform 20 pieces of music, including soloists, duets, small ensembles and groups across all the disciplines. The Music Festival’s Facebook page has been highlighting performers ahead of the show on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s performance also marks the final one for Campbell. This is her final year as festival coordinator. She said it was a great event to be involved with.

“It’s always about the opportunity to deepen music education and provide that experience of performing on stage and in front of an audience for our young local musicians,” Campbell said. “I think we had some really great musical growth and learning and connection amongst our musical community, so overall, we’re happy with this year’s festival.”

The 76th Annual Prince Albert Music Festival Gala Concert is on Tuesday, April 30 at 7 p.m. at the EA Rawlinson Centre.

“If people are interested in coming to check out some of our local rising stars, they can purchase tickets for the concert at and it’s $20.00 for an adult and $10.00 for 12 and under,” Campbell said.