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Home News City moves from snow removal to water drainage as weather warms up

City moves from snow removal to water drainage as weather warms up

City moves from snow removal to water drainage as weather warms up
Submitted by the City of Prince Albert

Now that spring is on its way, warm weather brings with it some roadway challenges that the City would like residents to be aware of.

While road crews start the switch from snow to water operations, the City of Prince Albert would like to warn the public that they are expecting the following issues to continue over the next month or so until the frost is out of the ground.

Water and Sewer crews steam out frozen catch basins this time of the year to ensure proper drainage on City streets. There are 2569 catch basins in Prince Albert and it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours to thaw. If you see a frozen catch basin, you can report it to Public Works at (306) 953-4900.

The snow dumps have become too muddy, which means snow lifting season is coming to an end. Roadways will not be lifting any more snow for the rest of the season unless cooler temperature allows dumping. Roadway crews will be grading several residential streets and plowing some back lanes that have accumulated ruts from the melting ice. They will also be topping up Water and Sewer digs that have begun sinking. 

If water from city streets is posing a direct threat to property, the City has said they will respond. However, they will not be responsible for water issues that are a result from snowmelt on private property. 

New potholes will begin appearing during the freeze/thaw cycle at this time of year. They are caused when moisture, such as snowmelt or rain, enters a crack in the pavement, then freezes and expands in cold temperatures. The expansion puts pressure on the crack, causing the asphalt to break away, resulting in a pothole. Vehicle traffic over the pothole can cause the edges to crumble, which increases the size.

To help crews locate potholes, residents are encouraged to report a pothole by using the online form: www.citypa.ca/report-a-pothole

Potholes are repaired based on the same priority system used for snow removal. The high traffic, arterial roadways will be repaired first, followed by school zones and bus routes, the central avenue business district, and finally residential areas. 

Many of these issues will be dealt with simultaneously and the City is asking for patience while Water and Sewer crews respond.

Residents experiencing significant water pooling problems on their street can report the issue to the Public Works Department at (306) 953-4900 or by sending an email through the City of Prince Albert website.