Summer Shindig coming to Kinsmen Park on Saturday

Trashville Honky Tonk Band Photo Trashville Honky Tonk Band will be one of the performers at the Summer Shindig, which will take place in Kinsmen Park on Saturday.

A new company in Prince Albert is hosting a mini music festival at Kinsmen Park on Saturday.

The Summer Shindig ’23 In the Park is coming to Kinsmen Park and will bring a variety of acts to the amphitheater stage.

Kelly Ermine, the organizer of the event and owner of KelMan Production, said he wanted to create something for everyone and open his new production business.

“I’ve got multiple singers there from country singers to folk singers,” he said. “There’s going to be some rock as well and I’ve got some hip hop artists, so a little bit of everything for everybody. It’s family friendly and it’s sort of a mild, soft, grand opening for my production business.”

Everything related to the shindig will be based around the amphitheater in Kinsmen Park. There will be food and clothing vendors on site as well.

Ermine was a DJ for about a decade and is now transitioning into the production side. He said he is starting the production company to use some of the skills he has developed.

“I kind of went to school for audio production in Toronto and then I’m just kind of bringing back what I learned,” he explained. “I’ve worked on cruise ships a couple of years being a sound tech so I’m kind of bringing back my hometown that I learned over there and just helping some artists get exposed. (I’m) just kind of giving them a chance myself, as well as to help kick off the business.

The afternoon will feature performances by John J. Cook, Trashville Honky Tonk Band, Darwin Roy, DJ EXL, Joey Fresh and guests, Allison Strong, Warren Hounsell, Lillanohna, The Kelman, Donnie Seaborne, DJ Jaydee and two surprise acts. Ermine said he’s excited, but not nervous, about producing his first event.

“I know a lot of people, so it’s their help and support (that matters),” he said. “It was a real headache kind of getting everything together, but (I am) learning.”

The event is expected to last most of the day at Kinsmen Park.

“I just know we’re going to be starting around 1:00, it goes on to about nine,” Ermine said.

Ermine thanked his sponsors who made the music possible Fuel Stop Tavern and Sunny Side Beach Bar in Emma Lake.