Spring continuing to chill

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Prince Albert set record lows Friday night

Friday’s frigid low temperature of -33.1 C was the coldest March 30 on record since as far back as 1943, and perhaps even further.

According to Environment Canada’s website, the lowest temperature on March 30 between 1943 and 2013 was a chilly -28.3 in 1969. The average low for March 30 is -8.9. Friday’s freeze-inducing weather was significantly colder than both those marks.

Even Friday’s high of -10.3 was chilly, as the average is an above-freezing 3.4 C.

Cold temperatures are expected for the remainder of the week, with Environment Canada predicting lows of -18 to -20 until Thursday. Lows Friday and Saturday will be a bit warmer, but the mercury is not expected to rise above freezing this week. Some snow is also expected today and Sunday.

The colder-than-seasonal temperatures have had side effects elsewhere in Saskatchewan, with road bans suspended as highways remain frozen.

One forecast is calling for temperatures to hover around the freezing mark until at least mid-month.