Red Wolf Boxing Club takes home trio of belts

Nathan Reiter/Daily Herald File Photo Pictured from left to right, Cole Ahenakew, Lukas Tamayo, Cruze Watier and Devon Mususkapoe pose for a photo.

It was an outstanding weekend of boxing for the Red Wolf Boxing Club last weekend in Regina, as the club took home a trio of belts from a card in Regina.

Red Wolf head coach Bradock Koch says the club is gaining recognition from other clubs due to the quality of fights they put together.

“It was a great night. Our fighters are getting a lot of respect now because they’re in great shape. My guys don’t go to fights and they’re not in shape. We’re getting a reputation of being tough, tough fights, and we were really successful, it was a really impressive night.”

It was also the boxing debuts for both Devon Mususkapoe and Cruze Watier who both took home belts in their first ever bouts.

Koch says the pair did well in their first ever fights

“The first obstacle that they have to overcome is the whole physicality of what a fight means. There was one of them who thought his cardio was good, he was in great shape. And he learned in the fight that more work needs to be done. And my second rookie, the referee stopped the contest in the second round. He’s a tough kid.”

Mususkapoe says it was a nerve-wracking experience entering the ring for the first time.

“It felt numb to me, to be honest, because I can honestly say I was training for it. I was really nervous too. I didn’t look at anyone in the face. I was kind of looking past them.”

For Watier, he says the fight was a good first experience and

“It was a good feeling. I mean, seeing everyone win, it’s very exciting. A big confidence booster to get win on my first fight. I know what I need to work on now.”

The third and final belt of the weekend for the Red Wolf Boxing Club was won by Lukas Tamayo.

Koch says the fight was a huge step forward for Tamayo.

 “He hadn’t put it together for a whole fight, until that night in Regina. And he had a breakout night. He put it all together and beat a good opponent.  That was Lucas’s 11th fight, and it was a good test, and he really rose to the occasion.”

Tamayo says in prior fights, he hadn’t been properly prepared in the mental aspect of his game but was able to breakthrough last weekend in Regina.

“Well before in fights, there was a mental block. I couldn’t seem to do the things I do in sparring and the bag and pads here at the gym that I when I was fighting. But that night, because of the way I focused myself in a different way than I usually do, I was able to put it together.”

After winning a belt in Regina, Tamayo says his breakthrough fight will provide him with huge confidence moving forward.

“it’s huge because now I know I can put a full fight together. I was still trying to figure out how and now I know. Right now, I know what it takes to put a fight together.”

The next card for the Red Wolf Boxing Club will be on Apr. 15 in Brandon, Manitoba.