Prince Albert Housing Authority visits senior complexes for 70th anniversary

Jayda Taylor/Daily Herald. Prince Albert Housing Authority general manager David DeVos and Northcote Manor’s Brittany Nowlin speak with tenants prior to serving a 70th anniversary cake.

The Prince Albert Housing Authority celebrated its 70-year anniversary with coffee and cake at each of its senior complexes on Monday.

According to general manager David DeVos, the housing authority has 953 units across the city. About 490 are for seniors, many of which are in large apartment buildings downtown, and the rest are family units.

“It’s exciting. We’ve been in Prince Albert for 70 years and we’ve been able to provide housing for anybody, really, and housing that is at a level of income that is affordable,” said DeVos.

“I don’t know where a lot of these people would be living today. Like I said, a lot of them are on a fixed pension and it just isn’t enough money to get into a private care home or even rent their own house.”

DeVos said the housing authority prioritizes face-to-face conversation with tenants.

David DeVos/Submitted. Brittany Nowlin with the Northcote Manor and Prince Albert Housing Authority general manager David DeVos pose with a 70th anniversary cake.

Sitting down for coffee and cake is an opportunity for staff to get feedback on how they can improve their services and buildings, he said. At a recent meeting at Northcote Manor, for example, the housing authority found that many tenants did not have wills, and is now preparing presentations on wills and estates at each of its complexes.

“We like to touch base with our tenants,” said DeVos.

“Without them, we’re not here.”

Rent is calculated on monthly gross adjusted income, with limits. You can download an application form on the Prince Albert Housing Authority’s website. @JournalistJayda