Prince Albert authors hold group reading of works

Michael Oleksyn/Daily Herald Prince Albert author Glenda Goertzen read at the Grace Campbell Gallery on Saturday

The Grace Campbell Gallery in the Prince Albert Public Library hosted a free reading by Prince Albert authors Ayami Greenwood and Glenda Goertzen on Saturday, May 18.

The free event provided listeners a chance to hear from local creative writers courtesy of the Saskatchewan Seniors Fitness Association (SSFA).

Greenwood noted that they are both also members of the SSFA, so they were happy to participate.

“Ayami and I have been friends for many years and we’re both authors, but we’ve never read together so that’s what’s going to happen,” Goertzen said.

Both Goertzen and Greenwood said they always wanted to do a reading together, but never had the opportunity. Thanks to the SSFA, they now have a chance to host that event.

“I was waiting until I had a new book out because I’ve not published a book since I met. Ayami,” Goertzen explained. “I don’t have one published yet, but I have several on the way.”

The pair provided samples of their work and took the opportunity to discuss working in fiction.

“I thought I would read from my young adult novel Lady Oak Abroad. But if a child walks in halfway through the reading I am going to switch to my children’s novel The Prairie Dogs,” Goertzen said.

“I am going to read from my two books and my recent work. I selected some and some I am just going to read at random,” Greenwood added.

Michael Oleksyn/Daily Herald Prince Albert author Ayami Greenwood read at the Grace Campbell Gallery on Saturday.

The pair have been friends since Goertzen moved back to Prince Albert in 2017. They were introduced by the musician Arlette. In becoming friends, they have learned about each other.

“Something that’s pretty interesting is both Glenda and I have our birthdays on the same day,” Greenwood said.

“We’re birthday twins,” Goertzen added.

“Both Capricorn, so we often go together for lunch on our birthday,” she said.