Police issue 15 distracted driving tickets during one-day safety blitz

(Herald file photo)

Prince Albert police handed out 15 distracted driving tickets during a one-day blitz last Wednesday in conjunction with SGI’s June Traffic Safety Spotlight.

Members of Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan and the Prince Albert Police Traffic Services section issued the tickets for cellphone use over the course of eight hours.

“The Prince Albert Police Service would like to remind the public that it is illegal to use, hold or view a hand-held cell phone while driving,” read a news release.

“Drivers who choose to use their phones while behind the wheel risk the safety of themselves and others.”

On Feb. 1, steeper penalties for distracted driving came into effect. A first-time offender will receive a $580 ticket, and repeat offences only go up from there.

Officers also handed out tickets for a number of other offences, including driving without a license, driving while disqualified, unregistered vehicles, speeding and disobeying stop signs and red lights.