Northern Lights Casino Anniversary kicks off with Round Dance

Michael Oleksyn/Daily Herald The Northern Lights Casino invited the community to celebrate their 28th Anniversary week kick off with a Round Dance at the PAGC Urban Services Centre on Saturday.

The Northern Lights Casino kicked off anniversary celebrations on Saturday with their 21st Annual Round Dance at the PAGC Urban Services Centre (the former Margo Fournier Centre).

Angela Isbister, acting general manager of Northern Lights Casino, said it was great to have the annual celebration back after a pause.

“It’s our first actual round dance since COVID,” she said. “2020 was our last one. We usually have our Round Dance in March because it’s kind of a kick off for our anniversary week.

Northern Lights celebrates 28 years of operation this year. Isbister said it was great to have the community on hand to celebrate the occasion.

“It’s bringing people together in the community,” she said. “When you have a Feast and a Round Dance, it’s healing.”

Isbister said they promoted the event through posters and Facebook. The event was both traditional and cultural, with a planning committee consisting of employees, management, and elders.

“We have drummers coming and singers coming, and when they play that drum and they sing, it’s for healing,” she added. “It’s us, the community coming together. It’s to take part of that healing and take part in the celebration.”

Because the dance ended up the same week as International Women’s Day on March 8, it was also a celebration of women.

The evening kicked off with a traditional feast before a prayer.

Members of the Prince Albert Police Service including Deputy Chief Farica Prince were also in attendance.