Northeast residents honoured with Queen’s Jubilee Medals

Office of Randy Hoback Photo Tara Muntain received a Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal in Tisdale on April 22.

More than a dozen deserving individuals were recognized for their contributions in the northeast with a Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal at the on April 22 in Tisdale.

Prince Albert MP Randy Hoback presented the honourees with a federal version of the Medal, which is not the same as the provincial version. Hoback took nominations for the riding through social media and letters.

“This is a tribute evening to show is a tribute evening to show appreciation to the people of my riding of Prince Albert,” Hoback said in his speech before the awards were handed out at a similar event on April 21 in Prince Albert. “I know everybody here was nominated by somebody in the community, be it a co-worker, a friend, a neighbour. Somebody who has seen you give and give back to your community over and over again and thought it would be appropriate that you receive such a medal as this.”

Hoback said it was an honour to be able to recognize so many worthy candidates, and to honour Queen Elizabeth II at the same time.

“The Queen herself was a person that gave so much of her life,” he said. “Her entire life was giving back to the community. It was serving others.”

Among those recognized was Tara Muntain, who currently serves as a City Councillor in Melfort but has long been a community supporter.

“It’s nice to get a pat on the back for doing something good, although not needed it’s a nice recognition for the love of your community,” Muntain said.

Muntain said that many other worthy people were recognized

“And from Melfort, Tisdale and Nipawin just from the area. It was really great to hear all of the things that other people have done. Because sometimes you don’t hear about what a certain person has done and they have dedicated their life to it. And then you hear it at a place like this and it’s like wow way to go. It makes me proud,”

Included among the recipients was lomg serving Melfort City Councillor Doug Terry and others.

“Doug Terry and then Ken Madraga and Dr. (Lionel) Lavoie as well and Dr. (Ebem) Stydom,” Muntain said.

She explained that when she heard the nomination she knew who did it.

“It was nice, it was nice get nominated and through the wording of the nomination, the little blurb I could tell that it came from my daughter because you know,” Muntain said.

The love of community was strong among all the people who were presented medals.

“But what’s cool is the ability to share your passion for doing something for the community and you can see that the next generation is getting it that’s cool” she said.

Muntain hopes it is passed on to the next generation

“I would love to see next time for the average age to be 30 that’s in that room,” Muntain said.

Tisdale Jubilee Medal Recipients

Rennie Harper, Nipawin; Leanne Huvenaars, Tisdale; Gordon Joyes, Codette; Lionel Lavoie, Melfort; Ken Madraga, Melfort; Tara Muntain, Melfort; Trevor Norum, Tisdale; Terry Posnikoff, Nipawin; Carlene Schmaltz, Carrot Rive;r Lynda Stromme, Tisdale; Dr. Eben Strydom, Melfort; Douglas Terry, Melfort ; Cathy Ukrainetz, Nipawin; John Ukrainetz, Nipawin and Jason Volke, Nipawin.