MLA Report Prince Albert Carlton

Joe Hargrave, MLA
Prince Albert Carlton

I’ve enjoyed spending time in my community over the winter, meeting with constituents and learning about the things that matter most to Saskatchewan people. Our government is now back in Regina for the spring session of the Legislature and moving forward on priorities for growth.

Our province leads the nation in several key economic indicators. We posted our third consecutive year of record agricultural exports in 2022, totaling $18.4 billion. In January we had the highest rate of growth in wholesale trade among the provinces, increasing 24.1 per cent year-over-year. Manufacturing sales were up by 25.5 per cent, the second-highest growth rate among provinces.

Our strong economy is supported by a growing population. Saskatchewan reached the milestone of 1.2 million people in early December of 2022 and has since grown by another 10,000 people. That’s the fastest our province has grown in over 100 years. There were 16,400 new jobs in the province from January 2022 to January 2023. We also saw a record-high provincial labour force in January, with 606,300 Saskatchewan people working.

A strong economy allows us to provide the services that Saskatchewan people value, like community support and improved access to healthcare and education. Our government recently announced that regulated childcare fees will be reduced to $10 per day by April 1, three years ahead of schedule.

The Targeted Sector Support program is accepting applications until May 1. This program provides cost-shared grants for municipal projects that help build even better communities across the province.

Here in Prince Albert, work continues on the Victoria Hospital project, which will significantly improve access to care for our community. Prince Albert was also selected as one of 10 regional campuses for the Saskatchewan Distance Learning Corporation (SDLC). Starting in the 2023-2024 school year, students will be able to access regulated, quality online education through the SDLC.

Our government is committed to protecting Saskatchewan’s economic prosperity, now and into the future, allowing for continued growth. That’s why we introduced the Saskatchewan First Act during the fall sitting. The Act will protect our jurisdiction over natural resources against federal government interference, benefiting everyone living in this province. Our government expects to pass the Saskatchewan First Act this spring.

 I am honoured to represent the Prince Albert Carlton constituency in the spring session of the Legislature. If you have any questions or need assistance accessing government services, please contact my constituency office by phone at (306) 922-2828 or email at Or stop by the office at Bay 4 – 406 South Industrial Drive in Prince Albert.