Melfort Chamber looking to help keep medical students in community

Photo by Cassie Johnson The Melfort Wellness Centre

Two organizations in Melfort are getting together to help let future medical students know the community is great to live and work in.

The Melfort Trade Alliance Chamber of Commerce and Municipal Health Advocacy Committee

are working together to put together packages to let incoming medical students know what Melfort has to offer.

Melfort Trade Alliance Chamber of Commerce executive director Cal Gratton said that the Committee approached the Chamber.

“We just want them to realize that Melfort is a great place to live and stay for an extended period of time,” Gratton said.

The Melfort Trade Alliance Chamber of Commerce and the Municipal Health Advocacy Committee are asking for your help in putting together a package of ‘what Melfort looks like’.

Whether it be with items from local businesses some funds can be put towards purchasing Melfort Mustangs tickets or any other things for them.

“I’ve sent an email out to businesses in the Chamber network to perhaps maybe make a donation of cash or some product that these students can enjoy while they’re here,” Gratton said.

Each year medical students, whether they are nurses or physicians, work and live in Melfort gaining experience and completing their education. Gratton said they want to be sure that their experience here in Melfort will be one of the best of their lives

“These medical students … most likely they will be from out of town and they don’t realize what Melfort has to offer,” Gratton explained. “This is just going to make their time here a little more comfortable.”

The MTACC is fairly new but has developed into an advocacy organization and is expanding memberships.

“I think it’s because we are a fully functioning chamber. I had talked to Brian Enge and he was a member of the committee in months or weeks past and he had suggested that it would be very nice if the Chamber got on board with this,” Gratton said.

The Committee have successfully assisted with large projects such as the Wellness Centre and the Heliport. They also know that there are many smaller things that they can do that can enhance health care in Melfort.

“Not only from a business standpoint but from a tourism standpoint as well,” Gratton explained. “The conversation with Brian kind of kind of morphed into this conversation I had with Corrie Fischl who is also on the committee, so that’s where we are.”

Gratton will be dropping in on local businesses that want to donate before the deadline which would be before students come to the community.

“The deadline for the donations is August 10. We want to kind of get these packages out by the end of August with these students arriving in town at that time. So that would be the big point is that the deadline,” Gratton said.