Local teen learns to fly this summer

Photo by Warrant Officer Tayte Peterson. Warrant Officer Second Class Sahas Mittal of 38 Prince Albert, Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron, in Prince Albert, Sask., in the cockpit of a glider at the Brandon Municipal Airport in Brandon, Man., on August 8, 2023.

Warrant Officer Tayte Peterson, Cadet Correspondent, Regional Cadet Support Unit

Brandon, Man. — The thrill of flight is something that interests many and Warrant Officer Second Class Sahas Mittal of 38 Prince Albert is no different. Mittal is spending the summer learning to pilot a glider during the seven-week Glider Pilot Training Course at the Brandon Cadet Training Centre in Brandon, Man.

The Glider Pilot Training Course is a six- or seven-week training program that results in successful candidates graduating with their Transport Canada Glider Pilot Licence. A rigorous and competitive selection process selects candidates for this course, including attending ground school online, writing an entrance exam, review of their cadet file and school marks, and an interview.

“I honestly love being out on the airfield. Of course, flying is an exhilarating experience every flight but even the ground crew positions are fun and rewarding,” said Mittal.

Mittal joined cadets four years ago because of his passion for aviation. The greatest motivation for him was the opportunity to become a pilot through Cadets.

“I love cadets because of how much there is to do in it and how many more doors it opens for you. Without it, I would’ve never had half the opportunities I do now, including being here.  I hope to get both my glider and power pilot wings through cadets,” said Mittal.

“I, without hesitation, recommend cadets to anyone. I’ve personally seen reluctant and shy youth join cadets, grow as people, and find a passion. Whether it be marksmanship, drill, band, aviation or even effective speaking, there’s something for everyone. Cadets offers experiences that can’t be obtained anywhere else, which is what I love the most about it,” said Mittal.

Spending the summer on a training course, such as Glider Pilot, is one of many activities available to youth at local, regional, and national levels in the Canadian Cadet Program year-round. The Canadian Cadet Program is open to all youth between the ages of 12-18 years old and develops confident, self-sufficient leaders who form lasting friendships and are engaged in their communities. Air Cadets also learn about aviation technologies, air crew survival, and how to fly.

Adults are also needed to help train, administer and supervise the local youth involved in the Canadian Cadet Program. Becoming part of the Canadian Cadet Program is easier than you may think, it’s a lot of fun, and the skills you learn are likely transferable to your regular employment. No previous military or cadet experience is needed.

Training restarts locally in September. In Prince Albert, for Army Cadets call 306-763-0605 or email 390army@cadets.gc.ca, for Sea Cadets call 306-922-4567 or email 118Sea@cadets.gc.ca, or for Air Cadets call 306-922-4001 or email 38air@cadets.gc.ca