Herald goes local with new owners

Star News Publishing, the owner of the Prince Albert Daily Herald, is pleased to announce that it has reached agreement with the Herald’s employees for an employee buyout of the Herald, led by publisher Donna Pfeil. The deal is expected to close in the very near term.

The Daily Herald, one of Saskatchewan’s oldest newspapers, started out locally-owned and operated, and will now continue as an independent, locally owned and operated business. The employees live, work and play in Prince Albert and the surrounding area, and are excited to be able to continue to bring the Herald to the doorsteps of people in this city.

Pfeil is a lifelong member of the community who has raised her family here. She has been involved in the community through her work with various clubs and organizations. Her first job was delivering the Herald, and her children have also had jobs as Daily Herald carriers.

“As the third-largest city in Saskatchewan, Prince Albert deserves and needs a daily newspaper operated for and by locals, and our team is excited to be part of the long-term future of the paper,” commented Donna Pfeil, Publisher of the Daily Herald. “Prince Albert is the beautiful gateway city; a vibrant, diverse community. From the front office to the carriers, drivers and mail room, our team is our strength we are all deeply committed to continue serving the great city of Prince Albert and succeeding at every level.”

“This is an exciting day for the city and for the newspaper,” said Peter Lozinski, editor of the Daily Herald. “We are passionate about continuing the legacy of the Daily Herald as a truly independent, locally owned and operated newspaper. We will continue to bring value to the doorsteps of our readers on a daily basis. It is not about any one of us, but about the devoted people who work to fulfill the publication’s vision every day. It’s also about the great people of this city. We are dedicated to bringing them a daily newspaper for many years to come.

“I’m pleased to be able to sell the Daily Herald to its employees” further commented Roger Holmes, Owner and President of Star News Publishing. “I feel strongly that this decision is a good one for the staff, the city, and the industry. These employees are passionate about Prince Albert, and I have every confidence they have the tools they need to succeed.”