Former Buckland fire chief recognized by RM

Buckland Fire & Rescue /Herald File Photo

The RM of Buckland’s council met for the last time in 2020 at their regular meeting on Monday, Dec. 14. Among the items on the agenda was recognition for former longtime Buckland Fire and Rescue chief Jim Miller.

“That was for his years as fire chief. He pretty much built that fire department,” Reeve Don Fyrk said.

Council formally recognized Miller during a delegation. Miller left the position in 2017 in a controversial fashion but has since been thanked for his service by the department. Miller was among the founders of the department.

At the November meeting, a resolution was passed to install a speed bump on Red Wing Road near the Mark’s 9 turnoff, Fyrk brought the motion before the council. According to Fyrk, speed signs have not been effective because people have not been abiding by them.

 “That one house there that is right on the corner is pretty close to the road and people aren’t slowing down at all so you can’t really put a Stop sign there because in the wintertime that hill is slippery and you might not be able to take off and go,” he explained.

The cost of the speed bump is not known but they are looking into it. Construction has been planned for the spring.

Council also discussed the possible purchase of a sweeper tractor.

 “We just can’t decide if we are going to bother getting another one. Now we don’t know if we are going to contract it out or do it ourselves or what,” Fyrk explained.

-With files from Peter Lozinski, Prince Albert Daily Herald