Province sends out reminder around snowplow safety

As winter continues, the Government of Saskatchewan is out to remind everyone this winter season that when passing snowplows “It’s not a race.  Give some space.”
Highway snowplow operators often work early mornings and late into the night, as long as it’s safe for them to be on the road. 
“It’s important to remember these aren’t just highway workers in our plows, they’re someone’s family,” Highways Minister Joe Hargrave said. 

“They are the unsung heroes of highway safety, and they all deserve our thanks.  So let’s make sure we do our part and give them the space they need to work and ensure they go home safely.”
Snowplows have blue and amber flashing lights.  When these lights are on, it means the snowplow is performing winter duties and drivers need to take care.  Winter duties includes plowing, sanding, salting and inspecting roads.  Some road bridge repairs also occur during the winter.
Here are some rules to keep in mind when passing slow plows on our highways: Treat snow plows like you would any emergency vehicle, if they are pulled over on the side of the road and have their lights flashing, slow to 60/hr, if the plow is driving and has its lights flashing, approach with caution and pass when safe to do so, if the plow is clearing snow and visibility is low, be patient.  Snowplows pull over every 10-15 kilometers to allow you to pass safely.

Operators regularly inspect highways to determine if plowing, salt or sand is needed to ensure safe driving conditions.  They report conditions to the Highway Hotline, which publishes timely information on Saskatchewan road conditions.

Always check the Hotline before you travel.