Ecosystems and the czars

This was supposed to be already settled with the “war in the woods” at Clayoquot Sound back in the 1990s but greed never rests. The czars of forestry want to cut down the last of the virgin rain forests on Vancouver Island. It must be their ambition to destroy every remnant of that ecosystem left in the world. An ecosystem packed with ancient knowledge and teachings that have nurtured life over the centuries. An ecosystem that naturally cooperates with the other ecosystems of Earth. One of the miracles of Creation and once it’s gone its not going to come back.

For those of us that understand and care ecosystems are very important because they are the foundations of life.

Some of the lumber czars understand, but they don’t care. Another yacht, another mansion, conquest over nature in general has more exotic allure than life on Earth. We can’t expect the czars of industry or their political lackeys to want to understand or care. Those practicalities would cut into the rewards of their devastation.

The work boot guys on the front lines, in the media clips, with the chain saws, that labor for the czars are disposable. After the last thousand-year-old cedar falls the boys get their pink slips. Those people have as much value to the lumber czars as the ancient cedar. Once the clear cut is finished, there is no monitory value left. Scrap the chainsaws, scrap the operators, scrap the ecosystem. The czars promise no dignity or sustained employment.

Ecosystems such as the forests can offer sustained employment for ever if properly managed.

Any guy with a wood lot and a small mill can tell you that. At one time those little guys predominated providing quality, affordable products, building Canada until the czars and their political lackies breathed death by greed into the industry and the ecosystem by capturing and grossly mismanaging the renewable forestry resources. Mismanagement just like what caused the collapse of the cod stocks in the Grand Banks. Greed, selfishness, conquest, blind capitalist mentality brings reproductive ecosystems to their knees.
Many of us allow this to happen simply because of our inactivity to stop it.

Only informed, caring, humans coming together in mutual cooperation can stop this stupidity but that means we have to step up and fight for life on and of the Earth.

Ecosystems may not be that familiar or glamorous to most lost in an unnatural concrete jungle of urban consumerism with all its propaganda and technical glitter.

Ecosystems don’t offer themselves with window dressing other than the soothing, motherly, embrace of nature. Ecosystems express themselves in more ancient, natural, subtilties. Like creating and offering the necessities for life on Earth.

Greg Chatterson
Fort San