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Christmas reflections and traditions

Christmas reflections and traditions

John Fryters

Christmas time is a time for reflection. I think about my Mom and Dad and Christmases past. Every Christmas Eve, my Mom would get us, kids, ready to go to Midnight Mass – High Mass in Latin. It was certainly one of the special highlights of our year. I loved the choir singing in Latin. I am linguistic and always have loved languages.

I think back with great fondness to the times I was part of that youth choir singing Ave Maria in Latin. After Midnight Mass our family would gather for Christmas drinks in our favorite pub – a true tradition in Belgium.

Since arriving in Canada and since our kids left we have been developing our own traditions. One of those are my wife’s improvised city lights tour by car. She takes me on these long drives around city streets looking at the lights and the best decorated homes.

This year it appears that more and more people are getting into the mood of Christmas and more homes than usual are decorated with lights and Christmas stuff. As I am reflecting in this column I would be amiss not to mention the work the Salvation Army in Prince Albert is doing. This money is allocated for the poor and the hungry. So, please, when you are shopping and see the familiar kettle, dig deep and give something extra this Season.

One of the traditions which has established itself in Prince Albert is the yearly Community Christmas Meal, held this year again in St. Mary’s High School. It is a collaborative effort between Two Bears Inc., St. Vincent de Paul Society, and Kateri House.

Anyone who is lonely, poor and destitute on Christmas Day can go and have a wonderful free Christmas meal with all the trimmings. In 2017, it was estimated that about 2000 meals were served and even delivered to shut-ins. The meal is coordinated by Elder Isabelle Impey. So maybe, we will see you there. It is a fun time and the fellowship and food couldn’t be better.
John Fryters is a 71-year old senior interested in assisting his peer group.

He can be contacted by e-mail at campus@inet2000.com or through www.seniorprincealbert.com