Carrot River Valley Chapter of the Superannuated Teachers’ Society

Submitted photo.

Carrot River Valley Chapter of the Superannuated Teachers’ Society, Submitted

Vice-President Sue Amundrud welcomed 14 members of the Chapter on Wednesday, April 17, 2024 at the Melfort Golf Club.

A brief business meeting was held at which the following motions were made: A donation of $250.00 to the Mcdowell foundation, a donation of $250.00 to the Melfort Agricultural Society, and a donation of $500.00 to the North East Health Foundation.

Nomination from our Chapter for an Honorary Life Membership in the Superannuated Teachers Association of Saskatchewan will be made for Doug Lyon and Fran Tatlow.

Val Hopkinson reported that the history book should soon be ready for editing.

Resolutions to the Annual Meeting of the Superannuated Teachers’ Association were discussed and voted on .

Attending the STS AGM on May 13-15 will be Karen Jordan, Karen Carruthers as delegates, Sue Amundrud as Vice-President and Anna Wehramp as member at large.

Lunch was served by the staff of the Melfort Golf Course.

 The next meeting will be the June Windup, time and date to be determined.

 Watch for further details in the next newsletter.