Carlton Band ‘Pop, Rock and a little Disco’ concert brings familiar music

Screenshot Carlton Band perform during the 2023 ‘A Night At the Movies’ concert in the Carlton Cafetorium.

Carlton Comprehensive High School’s band students will showcase their skills at a live concert titled ‘Pop, Rock and a little Disco’ on Thursday, May 9 in the Carlton Cafetorium.

Carlton Band teacher Brenda Bernath said the students enjoyed last year’s concert, entitled ‘A Night at the Movies’, and this concert continues the rebuilding process for a young program.

“We were graduating some key players, and with rebuilding the program after COVID, we knew the band would consist of a larger number of younger students,” Bernath said. “The pop/rock theme was different from the other themed concerts we have had. It was something
the students were interested in, and it was also manageable for them.”

They then expanded the idea to include some more types of music. Bernath said that during practice she will often catch students singing or moving to the music.

“Originally we were going to add some classics to the concert, but after going through music options with the students, Pop, Rock, and the Classics turned into Pop, Rock and A Little Disco,” Bernath said. “It is a very light concert with familiar tunes.”

The students will also act as emcees for the concert. In keeping with the light and fun theme, and members dress the part rather than wear their formal uniforms. Bernath said the audience is welcome to join in by wearing their favourite concert t-shirt.

“The formal attire just didn’t fit with the theme this year,” Bernath said. “We are looking forward to a fun night of entertainment.”

The performance includes songs and medleys by everyone from the Beatles to Coldplay and an entire disco medley.

Bernath said concerts like this are important because they are an opportunity to highlight all that the students have learned.

“It is comparable to playing a game in sports,” she said. “We practice together as a team and then put it out there for others to hear. When students perform well, it instills a sense of pride and accomplishment while celebrating the success of the group. A band really is one big team with each student having a role (and an instrument) to play.”

Bernath said band practices were not disrupted by the STF job sanctions. With band class scheduled during the regular school day, it was not impacted like other activities in the school.

“However, extracurricular activities such as meeting with students and planning concerts, band trips, or even the division wide ExtravaBANDza has been a bit tricky. There have been many unknowns, so we continue to do our best to serve our students and their families,” Bernath said.

The concert starts on Thursday, May 9, at 7 p.m. in the Carlton Cafetorium and there is a silver collection and concession stand.