Canadian National 4-H Youth Judging Competition

Photo from the 4H Canada - Saskatchewan website. Judges pose for a photo during the 2023 Canadian National 4-H Youth Judging Competition.

Seventy-five competitors from 10 different provincial 4-H, college or University teams gathered at The Atlas Hotel in Regina Saskatchewan on Sunday, Nov. 19 for the 2023 Canadian National 4-H & Youth Judging Competition. Along with 11 team chaperones (thanks to Stacey Hawkins and Crystal Murphy), participants enjoyed a tasty supper, with words from event sponsor Corteva Agriscience.

 Participants received an informative orientation, followed by guest speaker Quick Dick McDick. The competitors then judged a Scenario Class (minerals), Milk Composition and Steaks. Competitors gave written reasons on these three classes.
Monday morning, competitors were bussed to the Agribition grounds where they judged: Speckle Park Heifer Calves, Dairy, Heavy Horses, Charolais Bred Heifers, Hereford Bull calves and Texas longhorns. 
Throughout the afternoon, participants gave oral reasons to a variety of judges. Monday evening came to a close after an awards banquet with words from event sponsor, TD, and greetings from the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. David Marit.

Awards were then presented, with the final placings being announced:

  1. Justin Harcourt, University of Saskatchewan, $2,500 scholarship
  2. Rhianna Gallagher, 4-H Ontario, $1,250 scholarship
  3. Carmen White, University of Guelph, $750 scholarship 
  4. Quinten Albrecht, University of Saskatchewan, cash prize of $300
  5. Hillary Schneider, University of Guelph, cash prize of $150 

Team Award: University of Saskatchewan

​Everyone who participated in this competition did a great job and we want to congratulations all the winners, especially our 4-H Saskatchewan alumni, Hillary and Justin!

​It was a fantastic event!