SGI focuses on distracted driving for October Spotlight


SGI has released #JustDrive: Distracted driving is a bad look on you as its October Traffic Safety Spotlight.

The campaign says drivers won’t have a good look on their face when they get a $280 ticket or with sauce from a messy burger all over their face, which it says is not only gross, but dangerous.

In October, law enforcement is “cracking down” on the issue.

This stems from more than 60,000 collisions last year caused by distracted driving, causing 26 deaths and 953 injuries.

SGI said distracted driving is the leading cause of collisions in the province and the second-highest ranked for fatal collisions, only behind impaired driving.

“Police have plenty of ways to catch distracted drivers in the act,” said Chief Operating Officer of the Auto Fund Penny McCune.

“They could be cruising through traffic in unmarked SUVs, they might be in plainclothes on the sidewalks, or maybe they’ll be watching from elevated vantage points overlooking busy thoroughfares. Pay attention: if you drive distracted, you’re going to get caught,” she said in a news release.

To prevent the urge of getting distracted, SGI said to put your phone on airplane or do not disturb mode, put it in the backseat or trunk, ask a passenger to answer messages, enter your destination before you start driving if using a GPS and not to fumble around if something falls on the floor.