Letter to the editor: We’re blessed with our bus drivers


Thursday, while I was a passenger on the City All Day bus, a gentleman boarded but indicated that he wished to transfer to the West Hill. Robert, the driver, contacted the West Hill and they made arrangements to make the transfer at the 15th Street and 3rd Avenue stop.

When both buses stopped, the man attempted to cross to the West Hill bus. He carried a cane and had obvious mobility issues. The sidewalk was extremely icy and the man made little progress. Robert got out and assisted the gentleman back to the All Day after informing Shah, the West Hill driver that they would have to find a better transfer position.

Both buses than stopped on 6th Avenue and 15th Street where Robert again exited his bus and aided the man to the West Hill bus. We are truly bless to have such kind, caring city transit drivers.

Derril Hackl
Prince Albert