Letter to the editor: More we can do to keep planet healthy

I have just read an article in the P.A. Daily Herald Friday, March 5, 2021 about the need for Canada to step up our targets to lower carbon emissions. We will not accept Climate Change until we see with our own eyes the nefarious effects of it. For us here in Saskatchewan with all our open spaces, all our beautiful trees and pristine lakes, it is very difficult to imagine any other world; it is easy for us to deny climate change and even maybe, to be Conspiracy Theorists!

The Covid-19 pandemic was an eye opener for us all. When it first started, some of us were taken aback by the restrictions forced upon us. Even some government officials were slow to realize that this was a world pandemic and had to be treated accordingly.

When faced with something our of the ordinary, out of our comfort zone, we tend to wait and see what happens, tend to wait until it affects us or someone close to us. There is much we can do as individuals to help keep our planet breathing healthily. It is a matter of being aware, educating ourselves, and doing what we can in our daily lives. We also expect our elected officials to do the right thing.

Alice Cullen
Prince Albert