‘We believe in community:’ Couple donates $25K to Rose Garden Hospice

Rose Garden Hospice board members Ralph Boychuk and Marina Mitchell (left) pose with Bev and Joe Remai. (Peter Lozinski/Daily Herald)

A couple grateful for everything Prince Albert has given them has decided it’s time to give back.

On Thursday, Bev and Joe Remai presented a $25,000 donation to the Rose Garden Hospice. The hospice is out to raise $4 million to cover construction costs for the new facility. It estimates the campaign is nearing the halfway mark.

The Remais said they heard about the project by reading the Daily Herald, but that it was an encounter at a Raider Game that helped make their decision.

“They had a stand at the Raider Games,” Bev said.

“It was one of those spontaneous things. If it wasn’t there, it would have dragged on a bit.”

The couple set up an appointment with one of the representatives at the stand. That led to their donation.

“There are lots of reasons to donate to the hospice,” Bev said.

“We belive in community. P.A. Has been really good to us for our lifetime that we’ve lived here. We’re going to stay here until we’re not here.”

She said they recently had someone they knew who need hospice care, but who died in the hospital.

“They make you as comfortable as they can, but it’s noisy, it’s busy,” she said.

‘The hospice would have been so much nicer for her. It would have been great.”

“I’m more of a realist,” Joe added.

“There are two things that are going to happen to us in life — death and taxes. I can’t think of a better way to leave this world in than in a hospice. If you have to go, you can’t get a better place.”

The Rose Garden Hospice is named after the Rose Daschuk, who passed away after a battle with cancer. The Remais knew the Daschuks through the construction industry, and Joe’s confident the hospice will be a good facility.

“I used to build at the same time as Mr. Daschuk. I now he’s not going to waste any of the money. He’s going to be a very frugal builder,” he said.

“There’s trust there,” Bev added.

Mostly, though, the couple is just happy to be able to add their names to the list of contributors.

“Absolutely, we are,” Joe said.

“It’s good to give,” Bev said.

“If you’ve been blessed in life, it’s good to pass those blessings on if you can.”