Viral video causes stir, but no arrests as police investigate

Screencapture/submitted video. Police are investigating an assault depicted in a video.

Prince Albert police say they’ve identified all three people in a viral video that shows a motorist being assaulted by two other men in the middle of Ninth Avenue West on Saturday.

Police received several videos of the incident shortly after it occurred at around 8:25 p.m., and have spoken with all three people involved. However, as of Monday afternoon, no arrests have been made. The matter is still under investigation.

“There were a bunch of messages with the same video sent to our Facebook account,” Prince Albert Police Service spokesperson Sgt. Travis Willie said on Monday. “We did receive a call on it. We did respond and it’s still being actively investigated.”

In one video taken by a witness and posted on Facebook by her boyfriend, two men are shown struggling on top of a third man next to an open car door. The car is parked on the side of the road, while a second vehicle is parked in the middle of the street. Someone can be heard shouting, “drop the weapon” during the struggle, but there is no indication of whom the command is directed at.

Witnesses say the victim was dragged from his vehicle prior to the struggle, however the video doesn’t start until the altercation is already underway. After the incident, the two men got into the second car and drove away.

In a public Facebook post underneath the video, the victim said one of the men grabbed him by the throat. When reached via Facebook, he declined to comment further until the matter had been settled in court. However, he did write that he wished no harm to the men who attacked him.