Valerie’s Voice in La Ronge

I’m hoping the summer has not come to an end. It’s been an unusual one, as I’m sure most would agree.

It seems the most fitting topic for the year is, you guessed it, the weather.

I still remember, and I’m sure I’ve told this story before,  when I worked in the church that, on the Prairies, the weather is the constant topic, and the minister is responsible for it all. It’s never right either.

“Did you order this,” is the comment on a bright sunny day, when rain is needed, sometimes desperately. Or it’s raining and farmers are trying to harvest the year’s treasure.

This summer the weather has been brutal in places, causing extreme hardship and loss for many people.

Here it’s been a years of feeling closed in with the majority of time living under Air Quality statements.

I know I’ve felt very isolated at times when it was smokey and not healthy to go out and about.

But, there have been those few days in between that have felt like treasures, refreshing days and nights sleeping with windows wide open.

We have had the call of the loon on many, I think most, of those nights.

I’ve learned, when I hear the loon, I know the Air Quality Statement is lifted.

As it does for many, the weather patterns make me think of climate change.

It’s a big topic.

Here in La Ronge, it’s focus, preserving the Peat Moss. We have undisturbed peat in our northern climes. I’ve learned much about it and it’s important to leave it where it is.

We have a responsibility to protect and care for our earth home. It breaks one’s heart to see the destruction of the forests with clearcutting and the threat to the Peatlands.

It’s long-term devastation for short term gains and robs our children and grandchildren, future generations, of the possibility of a healthy life, maybe life at all.

Time to assess what’s really of value!

We need leaders with the vision, care, knowledge and understanding that we can’t continue to destroy our beautiful home, Earth.

If we continue to destroy, we face more pandemics and worse.

I’ve learned that everything is there that we need to live on our earth home is already there for us.

We need to take responsibility to care for it, appreciate it, respect it, and care deeply for it.

We need to make it the priority for ourselves, of our governments on all levels, all people. Nothing else has worth in comparison for ourselves and those to come after us.