Transportation report positive for Catholic School Division

Herald file photo.

The Prince Albert Catholic School Division board of education was updated on transportation services in their division during the board’s regular meeting on Monday.

The Bus Contractor Review and Statistics report is a periodic review of First Student compliance with their internal processes and policies along with pertinent statistics. Director of education Lorel Trumier said the division has a fine relationship with their transportation provider First Student.

“I think First Student has done a very good job ensuring the safety aspects of our transportation for our students. They’ve really done a good job over the years. Once again we have the controls in place to be checking those items and have them check the items that we need by contract. They’re fulfilling their duty,” Trumier said.

The report was given by Chief Financial Officer Greg McEwen. This report originated in a 2012 Provincial Auditor’s Report on the division’s transportation services. It featured data from Feb 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023.

As of 2023, the age of the average bus is 11-years-old. Around 1,300 students were transported. There were no routes cancelled due to mechanical issues, one route cancelled due to weather and six routes cancelled due to having no driver available.

The inspection documentation portion shows that there are currently 30 drivers and no spare drivers. First Student currently operates 34 vehicles in the division.

The compliance report concludes that there is nothing to indicate that First Student is not compliant with their training and inspection process.

The average capacity of buses utilized is 72 per cent. The average one-way bus ride is 35 minutes and the longest one-way bus ride is 70 minutes. There were two accidents reported in the time period.

The report is compiled in consultation with the local First Student manager.

“We are pleased with that and we’re hoping that this continues over the next portion of their contract,” Trumier said.

Board planning recognition event with Bishop and Clergy

As well during the meeting planning for a meeting with Bishop Stephen Hero of the Archdiocese of Prince Albert and the Clergy for lunch to discuss, share and collaborate began.

The meeting has been disrupted by COVID-19 and they are currently making plans around scheduling.

“We like to meet with our bishop and our clergy. Obviously, that’s been disrupted a bit here over the last few year,” Trumier said.

During their discussion, it was noted how trustees value the time and guidance both the Bishop and Clergy provide in the division.

“Looking forward to this coming meeting, we’re going to reach out to them and see what we can schedule about next,” he added.