Trade Show fundraiser helps Air Cadets have activities

Michael Oleksyn/Daily Herald The local Air Cadets Squadron held a Trade Show fundraiser at the Prince Albert Exhibition last Saturday.

Prince Albert 38 ANAVETs Air Cadets Squadron did some fundraising last Saturday at the Prince Albert Exhibition with a Trade Show.

There are three types of cadets in Prince Albert: air, army, and sea. Lisa Krueger, one of the area directors with the Saskatchewan Air Cadet League and director of 38 Anavets Air Cadets Squadron in Prince Albert, said the funds raised will go towards their Squadron Sponsorship Committee.

“We like to do just one fundraiser a year and that is just to raise money for different activities that the cadets get to do,” Krueger said.

“They do a winter survival in February, which is training. They do a fall survival. We will go swimming with them. It is just to help with any sort of costs that come up.”

The Air Cadets are in a good position at this point. Kruger said they came through COVID-19 restrictions while remaining strong.

“We are fully building up as a squadron again which is awesome,” she said. “We did lose a few cadets during the COVID, but we actually have a really strong squadron building back up. We have new officers which have stepped up to replace them. It is going to be a really nice strong squadron.”

For example, on Saturday they had cadets participating in fan flying with the RCMP and in a biathlon.

The strength of the leadership helped them, according to Krueger.

“Our senior cadets and our officers did a bang-on job keeping the cadets engaged (and) finding new ways to reach out to them,” she said. “They did a really good job.

“We were a strong squadron before COVID, we remained strong throughout COVID and now we are just building back up.”

The program focuses on training youth from ages 12 to 18. Krueger said it’s free to join, so there are no economic barriers for kids who want to participate.

“It is fun,” she said. “It is a wide variety, and you don’t join Air Cadets just to become a pilot. We have biathlon, we have survival, we have curling, we have all sorts of stuff, so it’s just a great program.”

The Air Cadets meet each Monday for a parade from 6:15 to 9 p.m. at the Prince Albert Armoury.