The Brothers G ready to rock in inaugural Live Music at the Gazebo

The Brothers G will perform during the Live Music at the Gazebo event in Shell Lake on Friday. -- Aaron Brown Photography

Scott Roos

Special to the Herald

This Friday, power trio The Brothers G will play the Live Music at the Gazebo event in Shell Lake.

It will be an outdoor event that, apart from the music, will also feature artisan and food vendors, and plenty of space to stretch out to make a family picnic for the evening. Additionally, Live Music at the Gazebo will host fundraising for and provide awareness of Make-A-Wish Canada. Family friendly, great music and a good cause to get behind all wrapped into one. 

“It was really cool. It all came together really quickly and all really well from what I saw, so that’s neat,” recounts Brothers G bassist Elias Brevik in a recent Zoom call with the Herald. 

Brevik had contact with organizer Heather Beauchesne early on in the planning stages of the event and that’s how everything took off. The band, however, in a different incarnation, had played Shell Lake in the past so they are definitely no strangers to the area.

Alongside Brevik are brothers Jason Gall (vocals, guitar) and Jordan Gall (drums). Hailing from the small town of Hafford, they understand the importance and significance of community events such as Live Music at the Gazebo. 

“In my opinion, COVID was really the catalyst for many of these small town events because a lot of people were extremely isolated for a couple years there and now everyone wants to go out and have a good time again,” Jordan says. “You’re seeing a lot more of these small town shows pop up.”

Whatever the reason for the Shell Lake show, The Brothers G are prepared to put on the first rate performance that they’ve become known for when they hit town. A group that features a generous portion of twang, mixed with southern rock stylings and a dash of the blues, the group is looking forward to the opportunity that Shell Lake has afforded them.

“In my opinion a lot of (our sound) is all just country, blues, and rock n roll. It’s a great mixing pot,” continues Jordan. 

“It’s like lasagna, there’s lots of layers,” adds Jason.

Music at the Gazebo will be an outdoor event. Admission is free with the festivities starting around 6:30 pm.