Teen stabbing victim in stable condition as mother reveals new details

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The teenage girl stabbed at a high school football party last weekend is now in stable condition, her mother revealed.

She said the girl, a St. Mary student, was stabbed five or six times at what she called a “rookie party” for players on the Carlton Comprehensive High School football team. The incident, which happened early Sunday morning, was later reported by the RCMP, who are still investigating. The mother requested anonymity to talk about the case.

Citing accounts she heard from other parents, she said that her daughter crawled back toward the group at the celebration, “bleeding out” from her wounds.

“She had life-threatening injuries requiring surgery immediately, and came into the hospital in critical condition,” the mother said. “She was unconscious and had to have emergency surgery. She is still in the hospital.”

In the days since, the girl’s condition has improved. She is now stable and conscious, the mother said.

She took issue with comments that had earlier been reported in the media. Robert Bratvold, the director of education of the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division, said that he’d heard accounts that the stabbing resulted from conflicts between two separate groups of students.

The mother denied that there had been any prior conflict involving her daughter. She said that many have a sense of who the perpetrator might be, and said that parents at the party had asked him and his entourage to leave earlier in the evening.

“According to the friends and anyone I talked to, they were asked to leave just prior to the incident,” she said. “The parents that had asked them to leave, they were under the impression that this kids had left and in the meantime that’s when he stabbed my daughter.”

When reached for comment, Bratvold explained that he was not suggesting that the woman’s daughter was necessarily involved in those conflicts. But he has heard from different sources that there had been prior incidents. He also stressed that the boy alleged to be the attacker had only recently entered Carlton, and was previously a student at St. Mary.

“I don’t want this to be framed as a conflict between two schools, the victim and the perpetrator were in the same school before,” Bratvold said. “The boy who is alleged to have done this has only been a student with us since early September. He was at St. Mary.”

The mother also said that she doesn’t want to cast any blame on the parents who were present at the party. She said that, from what she’s heard, some of them actually helped save her daughter’s life.

“I know that the parents feel bad about this happening on their premises,” she said. “If anything I want to stress my thanks to you for being there for my daughter.”

The mother said her family has struggled to get through the trauma of her daughter’s injuries. She wonders about the state of society and worries for her other two kids.

“I hadn’t slept, of course, that night that it happened,” she said. “But I’m coping. I have lots of friends and family supporting us.”

The investigation is still ongoing, according to the latest police update on Tuesday. An RCMP representative confirmed that no arrests have yet been made. The injured girl’s mother called on any witnesses reveal what they know to police.

“They need to come forward with what they know. This is absolutely serious,” she said.

“Please, come forward, out of the goodness of your heart.”