Teen artist’s exhibition shows beauty of the city

Emily Hill, 15, stands by a painting she did of Little Red River Park. (Peter Lozinski/Daily Herald)

The latest exhibition to open at the Grace Campbell gallery showcases the city as seen through the eyes of a 15-year-old.

Emily Hill, a Grade 10 Carlton student, is the artist behind Memories of Prince Albert, an 11-painting show on display at the gallery.

She’s a member of Carlton Collection Builders for Social Justice, a group at the school focused on mentoring youth, helping them to get their work out into the local arts scene while encouraging world change.

Hill’s collection focuses on scenes of Prince Albert and memories from her childhood in the city. Scenes include the Little Red River Park, A&W and the Court of Queen’s Bench. Hill grew up near the courthouse and remembers seeing its structure posed against the river valley.

 She hopes that, through her collection, residents see how beautiful the city can be.

“The main goal of this whole collection is for people to see the beauties of Prince Albert because some people forget how pretty our city is,” she said.

“I painted these paintings for everybody to start to look at Prince Albert in a better view.

Hill’s exhibition opening, celebrated Thursday, was attended by Mayor Greg Dionne.

“It was such an hour to have him come to my collection,” she said.

Dionne was impressed by what he saw.

He called the exhibition “an opportunity to lift up another youth member of our community.”

He was impressed by Hill’s passion and vision for the show.

“It’s so easy to be negative about your community. She said:

“That’s why I’m doing these paintings. I love our community. There’s a lot of positives about our community and I’m trying to lift up our community,” Dionne recalled.

“If everybody had that attitude, people would realize we have a beautiful place to work and live.”

Hill put the show together, including painting the pieces, in just one month, and has already sold four of the 11 paintings.

“This collection made me really strive to do something,” she said. “I never thought I would finish this art collection in less than a month but it’s because I put a lot of effort and dedication into it. I believe anybody can do anything as long as you strive for it and put the time and dedication into it.”

Emily’s mom, Janice, said that neither she nor Emily’s dad is very artistic.

“It’s nice her work is being recognized. I’m really, really proud.”

The show is on display at the Grace Campbell Gallery inside the Prince Albert Public Library until Feb. 23.