Tack Sale at Exhibition Centre expands to add garage sale

Michael Oleksyn/Daily Herald The Tack Sale and Garage Sale at the Prince Albert Exhibition Centre on Saturday drew in a number of interested people.

When you own and ride a horse you collect a lot of equipment—or tack—during the riding season.

To help clear space, the Prince Albert Exhibition Centre hosted a Tack Sale for local horse owners on Saturday.

Donna Nagy of the Prince Albert Exhibition board said Tack Sales aren’t new to Prince Albert, but this year they decided to expand the sale and add a garage sale component.

“We are having a Tack Sale and a garage sale at the same time to see if we get more people coming, and I think we had some more,” Nagy said. “(We’ll) advertise differently and we’ll see how it goes.”

This was the second year of the return of a Tack Sale as a spring cleaning for horse supplies. She said that Tack Sales sometimes cause problems because the goal is to clear out space, but sometimes you see a good deal you can’t resist.

“You sell your own, and then you go buy somebody else’s. That’s usually how it happens,” Nagy said.

“It looks like everyone made a sale of some sort.”

Everyone builds up stock of extra tack throughout the year and this is chance to get rid of excess. Nagy said the sale helps bring parties together to make the transactions quick and painless.

“I forget whose idea was it to have it as a garage sale too, and I think that’s a good idea,” she said. “We just need to just make more people aware.”

The sale also doubled as a fundraising opportunity for both the Exhibition and the Drill Team, who ran the canteen. The PAEX Musical Drill Team will have two or three squads compete in a mini-competitive demonstration at the summer fair. The proceeds from sales at Saturday’s sale will help them put on a good show.

The Exhibition board is also looking at ways to help get rid of larger horse equipment through things such as auctions.

The Prince Albert Exhibition group that organized the Tack Sale will also be in charge of the horse show at the Exhibition this summer.

“We will see what happens,” Nagy said. “We’ll probably have it again next year because it’s not huge thing. You just have to spend the day, which is fine.”