Stolen vehicle ends up in slough after police chase

A police dog tracked down two suspects who fled after a stolen vehicle was driven into a slough.

Police spotted the vehicle on River Street at around 8 p.m. Saturday. They followed it down 6 Avenue East and activated their lights and sirens. The vehicle did not stop, and left the city by way of Highway 3 South.

Law enforcement set up stop sticks to intercept the vehicle on the St. Louis and Davis Grid Highway. According to a police press release, the vehicle attempted to travel back toward Prince Albert. At that point, it ran over the stop sticks, which hit all four tires.

The driver couldn’t keep the vehicle on the road for much longer. A short distance later, police reported, it ran off the road and drove into a slough.

Three suspects fled, police said. Officers brought in a canine unit, composed of Police Service Dog Daxa and her handler, Constable Bighetty. Daxa successfully tracked a male suspect, who was taken into custody.

Daxa also tracked down another woman, who she found hiding in the grass. The third suspect was brought in without incident.

The Prince Albert Fire Department arrived to deal with the vehicle. They reported that it was found sitting approximately 50 metres into the shallow water. A firefighter waded in wearing a water rescue suit. He didn’t find any other occupants. A tow truck eventually pulled the vehicle from the slough.

Two people are facing charges in connection with the incident. A 28-year-old Prince Albert woman was charged with possession of a stolen motor vehicle. A 24-year-old man, also from Prince Albert, is facing a longer list of charges, including operating a motor vehicle in a manner dangerous to the public, operating a motor vehicle while being pursued by a peace officer and attempting to evade the peace officer, assaulting an officer with intent to resist or prevent lawful arrest, being at large of his recognizance, and having in his possession a stolen motor vehicle.

Both were due to appear in court on Tuesday.