St. Catherine School daycare project moving closer to completion

Lorel Trumier /Herald File Photo

Another new daycare option is nearing completion in Prince Albert. The St. Catherine School Daycare Project is almost ready to open according to an update received by the Prince Albert Catholic School Division at their regular meeting on Monday, May 25.

There are still some elements to complete, in the project but the board was asked for feedback.

“It is coming almost to fruition that we will be able to have that daycare operating,” director of education Lorel Trumier said.

Executive Director of Children’s Choice Daycare Gail Szautner has requested that the division move possession to the cooperative. This will allow the licensing process to move forward. The division is in the process of signing an agreement with Children’s Choice Daycare.

Some small parts need to be completed according to Trumier. These included an HVAC heating element, which is having the installation delaying, fencing around the children’s play area and a mixing valve for cold and hot water.

“There is a few pieces left but it has reached substantial completion now what happens is the Children’s Choice Daycare executive director Gail Szautner is going to get the licensing applications to be complete or submitted for the final stages,” Trumier said.

She explained that the process is so near completion that it could be ready before school in September, which Trumier noted was an important element for people gradually returning to work.

“So at this point it will be in the hands of the executive director once the licensing procedures are completed,” she said.

The entire project is looking great as it nears completion, Trumier said.

“The facility is beautiful, I am actually jealous because it is just lots of beautiful light and windows and a bright open space for the children to be in and we are very pleased that we can strike this partnership because it really will support the families in that community and school as well.”

The Prince Albert Grand Council has also reached out to the division to join their Community Cares Kitchen Food on the Move project which is already under way in some Saskatchewan Rivers School Division schools.

“We are just working with the Prince Albert Grand Council to work on supporting students who require food. They have secured some funding there to help with some lunch opportunities for our students who require that

Trumier explained that the talks are still in early stages and they have some locations in mind.

“We will be looking at three sites in particular to host that come and grab a lunch to go with a sandwich and a fruit and a juice box in it so at least those families have something,” Trumier said.

“We are very pleased that PAGC has approached (us) for a partnership like this and we can give some in-kind support and have that divvied out to students that require that service,” she added.